This Week’s Free Map: Stephen King’s Derry (A.K.A. Bangor, Maine)

derry maine map

This week’s free map! It is of lovely Bangor, Maine — known as the inspiration of Stephen King’s Derry, the setting of many of his most popular books, including It. I don’t know about you, but I watched the entirety of that movie from behind my hands, because I actually thought it was super scary.

Maybe you’re thinking: Wait. That’s not the scariest town in America. I was going to do Salem, Massachusetts. Witches! Very seasonally appropriate! But — TBH — I know it was like 400 years ago but I just couldn’t get into the idea that women getting hanged was suitable fodder for a Halloween marketing promotion. You know? We should, or I should, not make light of such injustices, even those that are a long time ago, now.

I swear to goodness that this map looks terrific if you print it out. I did that, above, on my little Pixma, and it came out great. Download it here!

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