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three feu de bois candles - best diptyque candle

The Best Diptyque Candle (And 6 Runners-Up)

What is the best Diptyque candle? I have an answer for that. A Diptyque candle is an investment. I like to think of it as what I do instead of drinking alcohol. I have rarely regretted the money I’ve spent on a Diptyque candle (argh thinking of you, Eucalyptus!!! you are the worst!), but nonetheless, you want to invest wisely. And yeah, I am very aware that when I think of “investing” I think of “getting the right Diptyque candle,” rather than, like, mutual funds. It bodes well. So let’s get down to brass tacks: The best Diptyque candle is Feu de Bois. Don’t argue. I’ll tell you what it definitely is not, and that is Baies — arguably (perhaps also factually, IDK) the brand’s most popular candle. If you went into a chi-chi shop in the early ’00s, I swear to God, every one of them was the Red Currant candle from the still-extant brand Votivo. I hated it then, and I hate it now, and it smells exactly like Baies. Feu de Bois, …

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46 Diptyque Candles, Ranked

Diptyque candles ranked: Without a doubt, a Diptyque candle is one of the best souvenirs you can bring back from France (not least because depending on the exchange rate they’re about 25% cheaper there than in the US, for the same size). How, though, to know which one to get? Some of them are amazing — others, incredibly meh, and yet they all cost the same, so it pays to do your homework Below, all of the standard Diptyque candles, ranked, from 1 to 46. Feu de Bois will forever be my number one; I will forever despise Baies (note that many people think Baies is the best Diptyque candle; you will decide for yourself.) This ranking of Diptyque candles includes everything but special editions, like the city editions (which I haven’t had the good fortune to see in the flesh) and the holiday candles, with which I am completely obsessed and I love all of them. Diptyque Candles Ranked: #1-#46 46. Baies You may love it. I hate it. A dupe for all those redcurrant …

Best Beauty Shops Paris

The Best Beauty Shops in Paris (2019)

The best beauty shops in Paris offer a wide range of shopping experiences, from the super chi-chi Chanel-ness of the brand’s dedicated shop in the Marais to the actually quasi-violent daily scrum of CityPharma. What are you in the mood for today? A couple ground rules: You’ll find all the usual suspects in Paris, including standalone shops from Kiehl’s, Jo Malone, M.A.C., and plenty others. These, of course, must be ignored in favor of France’s famous pharmacy brands. And though CityPharma is the destination shop, most any Paris pharmacy will offer a wide range of skincare products. Most are exactly what you’d expect of a French product: subtle and un-dramatic. If you’re looking for pots of neon glitter eyeshadow, look elsewhere: Here, you’re more likely to find gentle toners, serums, cleansers and creams, as well as industry-best (i.e., non-clogging) sunscreens.