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Flixbus USA: Guess What, It’s Terrible (But Here’s Why I’ll Keep Using It)

Here’s my Flixbus USA review: It’s terrible. But: It’s cheap! I love public transportation. Every large community, in every state in the U.S., should have inexpensive, fast, and reliable public transport. I am an adult person, who knows how to drive a car, but who has however never owned a car, because I’ve been lucky enough to live in cities that don’t require them: New York, London, Paris. I want to live in cities where people work together to make something better as a community than they could on their own. The New York City subway, the London Tube, and the Parisian métro are, for all their problems and delays, absolute wonders. But what to do when you’re traveling outside of them? We publish two great newsletters: Sign up for a weekly dispatch about travel and Paris — or for our new weekly email about shopping (mostly French brands but a mix of everything!) Give me a choice and I’ll always take the train, but in some parts of the world, this just isn’t an …

How I Stay Fit on the Road

Traveling is as good for your emotionally, spiritually, creatively, as it can be bad for you physically. Maybe you’re disciplined. I’m not: I eat food I don’t like at airport food courts, give up on finding a nice restaurant and eat KitKats in my hotel room, and bail on my workouts. It’s not great. I’ve gotten better over the years, though. I still struggle with food, though I’ve been making a valiant and often successful effort to pack meals for the airport and the plane. Working out — now that I have figured out. Here’s how I do it:

6 Ways To Learn French — From Anywhere

I’ve lived in Paris on and off for five years and I’m still learning French. But it’s getting easier and easier — partly because I’m better at it, and partly because there are so many ways, both new and old, to study, whether you’re in Paris or not. Below, my favorite six tools to learn French.

flix bus review

A One-Star Flixbus Review — Even if It’s Cheap

Here’s the thing about buses: I hate them. Love a city bus, hate a long-distance bus. It’s like being stuck on a plane, but for longer, and without going as far. There is no instance in which I would rather take a bus than a train, since the latter allow freedom of movement, higher speeds, better toilets, and better scenery unless you are extremely excited by highways. I am very much #teamtrain. Welcome, then, to my Flixbus review.

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A Project Fi Review

Google’s Project Fi Review I was a T-Mobile customer for a million years (er, slightly less—but still probably a decade) and I dreaded the day that they’d merge with another (awful) carrier. I was very happy with T-Mobile, as long as I didn’t have to speak with their customer service department, which still sends me bills for service I never had. (ARHGGH.) The rates were good enough, but for me the main thing was its international service, which included free overseas low-speed data in almost every country in the world, at no extra fee.

How to Afford Traveling Full Time

When I tell people that I travel 10 months of the year and live in Paris, they think I’m rich. I’m not rich. Or they ask me how I can afford it. And honestly, not always in the nicest way. This is the crazy thing to me: Nobody ever asked how I could afford it when I was living in New York City, spending a small fortune on my apartment, and buying the sort of wardrobe I needed to work at a fashion magazine (read: $$$$).