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Jeanne Damas Sunglasses: 21 Perfect Pairs

Jeanne Damas sunglasses! There’s no easier way to French style than finding your own best take on the uber-influencer’s lunettes. If you haven’t bought her book — In Paris: 20 Women on Life in the City of Light — it belongs on the same francophilic bookshelf as How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are. If you are looking for near-daily photos from what seems like an perpetually stylish vacation in the South of France, you will absolutely want to follow her on Instagram. And if you are interested in taking a look at her style — a primer on how to do that Frenchy-styley thing — you are bienvenue. You might want to begin with a wider look at her style — cropped sweaters! wide-legged denim! straw bags! — here. You may be most interested in her shoes (these are my 19 favorites), which seem to alternate between espadrilles (I mentioned the neverending vacations???), designer heels, and one pair of go-to booties. Or! You may be most interested in her wide array of sunglasses, in which …

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Jeanne Damas: Her 19 Best-Ever Pairs of Shoes

French model/designer Jeanne Damas wears some pretty terrific shoes. These 19 are our favorites. If you’re not familiar with her, this & Other Stories video should provide a very strange introduction, and excellent practice for wandering through a fancy mall store and saying “J’aime ça” over and over.