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Sunday Riley Juno review

Sunday Riley Juno Review

Here’s our Sunday Riley Juno review. In short: Hard pass.  What they say: “An obsession-worthy face oil, Juno gives an instant glow to dehydrated skin by restoring and rehydrating the skin’s natural moisture barrier with a blend of organic, cold-pressed, antioxidant-rich, superfood seed oils.” Our grade: D Most explicative Sephora comment headline: “That is $125 I will never see again.” The Sunday Riley Juno Review: My expectations for Juno were high, not least because it comes in one of the most beautiful bottles I’ve ever seen, like iittala bird beautiful: a yellow-to-purple ombré in a gorgeous glass container. But this did nothing—nothing for my face.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip review

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser Review

Here’s our Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser review. In short: Don’t say we didn’t warn you.  What they say: “Gentle, plant-based cleanser pulls out impurities while pulling in clean hydration, for smaller-looking pores and a clean, radiant complexion.” Our grade: F Most explicative Sephora comment headline: “Wtf is this awful new version” (Also: “it smells terrible (like chemicals or toilet cleansers)”) The Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser Review: Goodness knows what happened here. The old — and beloved — Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip is no more, though here’s a positive review of the original one, with pump dispenser and higher-end ingredients like neroli oil. Where have you gone, friends? What budgeting shortfall did you fall victim to?

sunday riley good genes review

Sunday Riley Good Genes Review

Here’s our Sunday Riley Good Genes review. In short: A forever product, shame about the price.  What they say: “An all-in-one AHA treatment, powered by lactic acid, that clarifies, smooths, and retexturizes the appearance of skin.” Our grade: A+ The Sunday Riley Good Genes Review: Honestly, I’d be happier if this didn’t work. I don’t need magical potions that cost between $105 and $158, depending on bottle size — ideally, I would like products that positively affect my mood and are free, like sunshine and starry nights. Alas. Here we are.