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a still from the film amelie

The Amélie Home Decorating Shopping List

I don’t want an apartment like Amélie’s because it looks like the inside of, like, a kidney. (Too much red/velvet/beaded.) But of course there are bits and pieces I would love to live with. These are the six home purchases I would make, all inspired by Amélie.

a still from the film amelie showing actress audrey tatou

19 Things I Learned About Home Decoration From Amélie

I’m not sure that I moved to Paris because of Amélie, but I’m not sure I didn’t, either. I saw it for the first time at just the right time. I loved it. And as much as it’s an homage to the past — all pasts, everywhere — it is also, of course, a love letter to Paris, and Paris’s own immutability.