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French Girl Hair: The 7 Products You Need

There’s a secret to “French girl” hair  — perfectly imperfect, yadda yadda — and I’m going to tell you how to get it right now. 1: Grow your hair long enough to pull back in braids. 2: Wash your hair at night. 3: Braid it. 4. Go to sleep (with braids in). 5: Undo the braids. Air-dry. Et voilà!  That’s seriously all there is to French girl hair — really. And if it looks a little unkempt, you got it right. It’s supposed to look like you didn’t work on it. A French version of Drybar moved into my neighborhood and promptly moved out six months later. That straight, sleek look isn’t going far here. See this Pinterest “French Girl Hair” page for examples. Of course, Parisians love products as much as anybody else, and some of these I swear by with vigor.

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10 French Pharmacy Skincare Must-Haves

A French pharmacy is a weird place, in that it’s more an extension of a doctor’s office than a CVS-style one-stop-shop for medicine, lawn chairs, sunscreen, milk, frozen dinners, eyeliner, magazines, and Diet Coke. You can get sunscreen and nothing else on this list. Well, medicine, too. A typical French pharmacy will have plenty of “beauty” products, but you may be surprised to discover that they’re entirely skincare products.