Pickleball in Paris: Everything We Know

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I’ve lived in Paris longer than I’ve played pickleball in Paris — but after two years on and off in the US, pickleball has weirdly become one of my favorite activities, so I’ve become dedicated to figuring out where to play it here.

The pickleball phenomenon is coming to Paris — something Pickleball Paris described, rather hilariously, as “Le plus US des sports de raquettes s’empare de Paris.” (Pickleball definitely is the most American of racquet sports, so fair enough.)

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Notably, the describers in this case are the people behind Pickleball Paris, which runs weekly, 90-minute or two-hour sessions for under 10€, for all-level players (“tous les niveaux”) at courts in the 19th (at the Centre Sportif Mathis)  and in the 15th (at Parc Omnisport Suzanne Lenglen, right below the périphérique). They’re also hosting the first-ever Skechers Pickleball Paris Open 2024, in May.

It looks like in the past they’ve hosted “Initiations” closer to the center of town (at Opéra) but also that these dropped off in October 2023. What shall the future bring?? Who can say?

A second option: pickleball Sundays and Tuesdays at the Gymnase Yves du Manoir, Vaucresson (92) and on Mondays at the Gymnase du Haut in Ville d’Avray.

And one more: a spot in Ivry-sur-Seine billing itself as the first place to play in Paris (and the first on a Paris métro line — ligne 7) which might (might not??) be true. First session gratuit!

Finally: Pickleball France has an “Où Jouer” page with an interactive Google Map, if you’re looking for spots outside the capital. It’s interesting to look at some quite small cities and see new places with dedicated courts, like Pickleball Vexin Centre. As with many trendy American things (I’m thinking of green juice and cupcakes), France looks to be a couple years behind us, but I think given how fun it is, and how much they love tennis, it’ll soon be as popular here as it is at home. Let’s all get in early on this!

I will return with more info!

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