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Best Beauty Shops Paris

The Best Beauty Shops in Paris (2019)

The best beauty shops in Paris offer a wide range of shopping experiences, from the super chi-chi Chanel-ness of the brand’s dedicated shop in the Marais to the actually quasi-violent daily scrum of CityPharma. What are you in the mood for today? A couple ground rules: You’ll find all the usual suspects in Paris, including standalone shops from Kiehl’s, Jo Malone, M.A.C., and plenty others. These, of course, must be ignored in favor of France’s famous pharmacy brands. And though CityPharma is the destination shop, most any Paris pharmacy will offer a wide range of skincare products. Most are exactly what you’d expect of a French product: subtle and un-dramatic. If you’re looking for pots of neon glitter eyeshadow, look elsewhere: Here, you’re more likely to find gentle toners, serums, cleansers and creams, as well as industry-best (i.e., non-clogging) sunscreens.

Shopping in Paris: The Five Best Home Stores (2019)

Paris is underrated as a destination for homewares shopping, since most people, when they come here, are focusing on fashion. (This is also maybe because they aren’t looking for a couch to ship home.) Nonetheless: Shopping in Paris for design — whether fancy candles, fancy knives, fancy bowls, or just about any other fancy thing — is excellent. Go do it. Without further ado, our miniature shopping in Paris guide: our top picks for homewares and design stuff.

Sézane: Paris Field Trip

As you consider a trip to Sézane, see our extremely detailed rendering of how much it costs to buy the exact same Sézane pieces in the U.S. versus in France.  Much is made of “French girl” allure. Maybe the reason why it’s so easy to conjure up that term is because — at least in Paris — it’s a real thing. “American girl” — what would that be? We are multitudes, we are that Coachella girl in the fringed poncho in Mitski’s video, we are Mitski in the raspberry pantsuit, we are Mitski in the gold mini-dress, we are myriad and various. Parisian girl style — not so much? I can’t describe it better than a French person, so here’s the situation, straight from a Parisian Instagram star: In France, we have style but the problem is that this style could be so boring. This is the same for every woman: In the upper class in Paris, you have a slim jean, you have ballerinas [flats], you have a simple tee shirt, you have a …

paul and joe sister

Paris Shopping Guide: Paul & Joe Sister

Today’s shopping review: Paul & Joe Sister Shopping in Paris is weird, because it tends to be both incredibly expensive and incredibly monochromatic. Well, I guess that doesn’t make it weird so much as consistent: Honestly, take the names off the shops, and I’d walk up on down the streets trying to figure out why there were five versions of Theory, all selling slightly different collections at basically the same price. (For example: Sandro, Maje, ba&sh, Claudie Pierlot, Comptoirs de Cotonniers, etc.) In my shopping experience, the French love a pricey basic—the kind of thing where you’re like, “Ugh, it’s so boring, I don’t understand why this costs $200,” but then you wear it every day for three years and it all makes sense.