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sezane july capsule

8 Picks from Sézane’s July Vacation Capsule Collection

Sézane’s July vacation-themed capsule collection debuted this morning at 9:30 Paris time, and a few things are already sold out! (TBH we like what’s here better.) Below, our top picks from the very summery vibes. You might look like a giant marshmallow in this, but I’m still interested — even if those pleats look like a lot of work to take care of. Gloria dress, $195 Ohh, this is just very cute, with those shoulder ties. Aria top, $70 I would love more information on how well this is constructed, but it’s going to be the first thing I try on in Paris. Love the shape, love the color. Calanques swimsuit, $130 The average piece of French denim is always just that little bit more tailored than the average piece of American denim. And so: Niels shorts, $125 One of the last pieces from the Farm Rio collab. Bikini, $150 (sold separately as top, $85, + bottoms, $65) I love Sézane earrings, and I particularly love these little flowers in resin and gold-plated brass. Also …

maje pink dress

7 Picks from Maje’s Summer 2023 Sale

I think of Maje as a meeting point between Sandro (a little primmer/properer) and Zadig & Voltaire (a little more rock ‘n’ roll.) I don’t like everything (like this — what is happening here?), but every once in a while I’ll get something I love here, like my favorite winter coat — not cheap but made to last. Prices are deeply changeable: These reflect a 20% off for the Fourth of July, so who knows how long that will last. FYI the dress above is not on sale, but it’s here if you’re interested. I am hesitant to call this, as Maje does, a “playsuit,” but I guess it’s better than when they were called rompers. Wow, those cowboy boots. Sequined playsuit, was $415, now $199 As a past Maje coat-buyer, I love this coat, though note it’s made from a “wooly fabric” (78% wool, 22% polyamide). Maje single-breasted coat, was $645, now $361 A (pink) variation on a theme. This one is 67% wool, 33% viscose. Maje pink coat, was $715, now $400 Another …