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swans seen swimming on the thames

The Thames Path: Should I Walk It?

I recently walked the Thames Path, a nearly 200-mile walking trail along the River Thames. These are some of the questions I asked, and can now answer.  I wrote a separate post detailing all of my Thames Path accommodations, including what I paid.  What is the Thames Path? If you’ve ever been to London, you’ve probably seen signs for it along the river. The Thames Path is a British National Trail that runs along the River Thames, all the way from the Thames Barrier in far eastern London to the source of the river — quite literally a spot on the ground in the middle of a field, near the village of Kemble. The Thames Path is about 184 miles.

an image of a structure over the thames river

Hiking the Thames Path: Day One

I am hiking the Thames Path, a path that follows the Thames for 180 miles, from the Thames Barrier in London to its source, near Cirencester.  Day One: Paris to Vauxhall I do not remember the last time I was so excited to do something I couldn’t sleep the night before — which is difficult, because it means you are excited to do something having slept the hours of 2 to 5 the previous night, and you make questionable decisions like not bringing your sunglasses. Also, you are very tired, in that wiry, jittery way. But who cares: I am hiking as much as I can of the Thames Path before I need to return to France in five days: Sunday to Friday.

Thames Path Accommodations: Where I Stayed and What I Paid

I recently walked the Thames Path, a 200ish-mile footpath from London to the river’s source. For my Thames Path accommodations, I stayed in hotels and Airbnbs along the way: much of the trip is in urban or suburban areas with few opportunities for camping. One of the reasons I split the trip into two parts was to spread out the costs.  Here’s my main Thames Path post.  Thames Path Day 1: Thames Barrier to Vauxhall I stayed at: The Chelsea Guest House In brief: The Chelsea Guest House is nowhere near Chelsea, but rather in Lambeth. It was very small and very cheap, at least for London. Would I ever go there again? Not by strong choice, though it was fine for one night, and the staff were nice. I paid: $58 Thames Path Day 2: Vauxhall to Hammersmith Bridge I stayed at: The Muse Haus Chiswick In brief: Basically a bed-and-breakfast for the Airbnb age — it’s a big townhouse with shared facilities, including a massive ground floor (with living room and kitchen) and …