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The Best from Maje’s Friends and Family 25% Off Sale

Maje just announced it’s 25% off Friends & Family sale — and these are the best picks from it. Wouldn’t it be nice to get these recs directly in your inbox? So convenient! Sign up for a weekly dispatch about travel and Paris — or for our new weekly email about shopping, mostly French brands but a mix of everything! 1. Obsessed!! What would you wear this to? A goth ball? A five-star hotel on Halloween night? I love this. I would buy this now and hold on to it until the right event present itself, because it’s unstoppable. Those shoes FTR are a monstrosity, speaking of Halloween. Maje long sequined dress, was $565, with discount $423.75 2. Sometimes you just want to look like an Olympics-caliber skater going to her prom, am I right?? Why are those same shoes back?? I have only questions, and no answers. Maje short sequined dress, was $445, with discount $338.25 3. This is like the epitome of Maje to me: sexy dresses that would make sense at a magazine party in 2005 SoHo. …

maje pink dress

7 Picks from Maje’s Summer 2023 Sale

I think of Maje as a meeting point between Sandro (a little primmer/properer) and Zadig & Voltaire (a little more rock ‘n’ roll.) I don’t like everything (like this — what is happening here?), but every once in a while I’ll get something I love here, like my favorite winter coat — not cheap but made to last. Prices are deeply changeable: These reflect a 20% off for the Fourth of July, so who knows how long that will last. FYI the dress above is not on sale, but it’s here if you’re interested. I am hesitant to call this, as Maje does, a “playsuit,” but I guess it’s better than when they were called rompers. Wow, those cowboy boots. Sequined playsuit, was $415, now $199 As a past Maje coat-buyer, I love this coat, though note it’s made from a “wooly fabric” (78% wool, 22% polyamide). Maje single-breasted coat, was $645, now $361 A (pink) variation on a theme. This one is 67% wool, 33% viscose. Maje pink coat, was $715, now $400 Another …

Want to Shop Like a French Girl?

It’s not that hard to shop like a French girl (or woman, or child, or man.) French dressing is as sharp as it is because it represents a million tiny variations on a theme (read: uniform). This isn’t New York or London, where anything goes, and personal expression reigns supreme. Even the most spectacularly dressed women are often hewing pretty closely to some well-established ideas about fit, silhouette, texture, and palette. This is a culture with rigorous ideas about how things are done — tight edits, perfect fit, and understatement.