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Want to Shop Like a French Girl?

It’s not that hard to shop like a French girl (or woman, or child, or man.) French dressing is as sharp as it is because it represents a million tiny variations on a theme (read: uniform). This isn’t New York or London, where anything goes, and personal expression reigns supreme. Even the most spectacularly dressed women are often hewing pretty closely to some well-established ideas about fit, silhouette, texture, and palette. This is a culture with rigorous ideas about how things are done — tight edits, perfect fit, and understatement.

The Best Women’s Shops in Paris — My 5 Faves (2021)

There’s no shortage of women’s fashion shops in Paris — if anything, the problem is too many, rather than not enough. And one strange problem is that outside of the high-fashion houses — Chanel, Vuitton, etc. etc. — many of the most popular stores have surprisingly similar aesthetics. Give me $100 and I probably couldn’t tell a Soeur from a Sessun from a Sézane.