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where to stay in paris with kids

Where To Stay in Paris With Kids: A Consideration

Wondering where to stay in Paris with kids? My favorite thing is telling people where to go (on vacation). This is the first in the series: a mom is coming to Paris, family in tow. If you have a vacation dilemma, please email! I’m headed to Paris but don’t know where to stay. I’m traveling with my family (parents, sister, husband, two kids), so we need a lot of space — but on a budget. And we want to be outside of the fray, but not in the suburbs. We don’t need to be next door to buzzy nightlife, but a park would be good. 

What to do in the Marais Paris

What To Do in Le Marais Paris (2019)

Wondering what to do in Le Marais, Paris? I love the neighborhood so much that I got an apartment there. We have everything — restaurants, bars, cafés, markets, the best shopping in the city — all in one very manageable, human-sized package. (Read: gorgeous old limestone buildings.) This itinerary is focused on the Upper Marais, or the third arrondissement. It’s small, packed with things to do and see, and super convenient to the rest of the city. Bienvenue!  If somehow you’re not sold on the neighborhood yet, why not check out our “Which Paris neighborhood is right for you?” quiz?? 7 a.m. The Upper Marais doesn’t have as many hotels as other Parisian neighborhoods. Regardless, Hotel Providence offers a boutique hotel experience (read: small rooms with clawfoot bathtubs and the odd vintage find) for under $200 a night. Otherwise, take your pick of Airbnbs — ideally as close as possible to the Square du Temple.