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Everybody Come to Puerto Rico!

Fact: I have never been somewhere warm for New Year’s Eve. Because I am a traveler of budget means, I did one of two things: For a number of New Year’s, I went to Scotland, with an ex-boyfriend, which was amazing, even if it did get dark at three o’clock in the afternoon. (We mostly stayed at his parents’ house and watched TV. I’m making it sound boring, but it was awesome.) Otherwise, I often went somewhere with my friend Katie — and bargain prices for flying on New Year’s Eve always meant that we’d come back on the 31st. This is usually cheaper, but also sadder, and I am not sure I recommend it. (I do not.) This year, we were able to get cheapish tickets to Puerto Rico — no doubt because many visitors are scared about the condition of the island, post-Hurricane Maria. For sure, what has happened (and is happening) here is a national disgrace. (Fact: Puerto Ricans are Puerto Rican and American, something you might not think would be a challenging …