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This Week’s Free Map: Lower Manhattan

  This week’s free map is Lower Manhattan! It is best enjoyed with this tour of Alexander Hamilton’s favorite bars. Well, one bar: Fraunces Tavern. To download the map, shown below, just click here. Save it, print it out and frame it — it’s distressingly indistinguishable from a screenprint. The better quality the printer, the better quality the print, though even a super-cheap printer (like mine) will do a half-decent job. Each map is only available for free for a week, so download away.

alexander hamilton tour of new york city

A Tour of 9 Alexander Hamilton Sites Because Enough Is Never Enough

OK, so we’re at least ten months behind the whole Hamilton thing, but we’ve been away. Actually: Where have we been? Uh, France. I traveled the wide, wide world and came back to this. #hamiltonreferences Because we just cannot get enough of Hamilton, and because listening to the cast recording ad infinitum is no substitute for investigating the man’s real-life hideouts, hideaways, dueling grounds and dinner spots, these are 9 New York City (and environs) sites on our virtual Hamilton tour. The Morris-Jumel Mansion Fact: This is Manhattan’s oldest house! It was built, in 1765, by Roger Morris — tragically, a Tory — on a 130-acre estate that went all the way from the Hudson River to the Harlem, which is mind-blowing. After Morris left, George Washington set up shop here during the Battle of Harlem Heights, only to be kick out himself after the British won Manhattan. Washington returned after the war, and here ate dinner with Hamilton (along with John Adams, Henry Knox and Thomas Jefferson) on July 10, 1790. Almost unbelievable: A French immigrant named Stephen Jumel bought the …