What Time Is It in Paris?

what time is it in paris - scene along the seine

Wondering what time is it in Paris?

The answer is:

The time comes courtesy of the Time & Date website, which is great.

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Paris is six hours ahead of New York (and Eastern time), seven hours ahead of Chicago (and Central time), eight hours ahead of Denver (and Mountain time), and nine hours ahead of Los Angeles (and Pacific time). Should you be in Hawaii, it’s a pleasing 12 hours ahead of Honolulu.

You might be surprised — I was surprised — to learn that France spans 12 time zones (13 if you include Antarctica). The main “France” France is in a single time zone: Central European. But its overseas territories are all over the place, from New Caledonia (UTC +11), the same time zone as Sydney (when Sydney’s on Daylight Savings), to French Polynesia (UTC -10) — Tahiti Time, the same time zone as Hawaii. Réunion is France’s biggest overseas département — both by area and population — and it’s UTC +4, either two or three hours ahead of France, depending on whether France is on summer time or not.

One more time, before you hit the road: What time is it in Paris?

It is precisely:

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