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best french movies on netflix

The Best French Movies on Netflix (2020)

The best French movies on Netflix include, happily, some of the best French movies ever. This list certainly isn’t exhaustive in terms of masterpieces by French directors — there’s not enough room here to list all the classics of French cinema that aren’t available on Netflix. That said, our favorite streaming service does offer many exceptional French films — and these are the best shows and movies among them.

Winter in Wartime, Netherlands: ATW in Movies

I have a vested interest in stories about the Netherlands during World War II, since I spend many of my days thinking about nothing but. (Well, that, and if I have enough chocolate in my house to get through the evening without going to the grocery store.) I do believe that it is an outlier in a very particular way: Ask people if they know any stories of the Nazi occupation of Holland, and they’ll likely say no—at least, that’s what the people I know tend to say. Ask, then, if they’ve read Anne Frank’s diary—perhaps the most famous text to survive, or, in fact, about the war, and, of course, a never-to-be-equaled story of the Nazi occupation of Holland—and—well, if they had good teachers in high school, the answer is definitely yes. That occupation is somehow both universally known and universally unknown.