Ranking the Sézane Shops in Paris

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Depending on how you count, Sézane has about a half-dozen shops in Paris — but they are not created equally. Let’s rank them so that your shopping time may be well spent.

A few things to note: I was surprised by how bad the reviews are for the shops on Google — they all hover around 3.5 stars — and I think most of it is international shoppers colliding with French customer service. For what it’s worth, I actually think Sézane staff is nicer than average. Oh, also, the lines: When I complain about lines below, I don’t mean the lines to pay; those move pretty fast. I literally mean the lines to get in. If you hate lines, go straight to #3.

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Several of the Paris shops are closed on Mondays, and many close for big chunks/most of August, so be forewarned. Stock varies between shops, so what’s sold out at one may be available elsewhere — staff should be able to help track things down, but I got better results just stopping by and checking for myself.

#1: Le Grand Apparentement (17eme)
Current Google review average: 3.6 stars 
The second Sézane location, this is my favorite.

Pros: It’s huge. The lines are usually shorter here than at the original location in the 2nd. The dressing rooms are very nice, and there are a lot of them — they’re downstairs, so this is both a pro (they’re out of the fray) and a con. I’ve found lots of good returns in the Conciergerie area. The shoe space is enclosed, which is good if you like trying on shoes in private (the superior way to try on shoes.)
Cons: The 17th is out of the way unless you live in the 17th. The lines are shorter, but there are def still lines. If mobility is a concern (or you’re just tired), going downstairs to the changing room can be a pain.

63 boulevard des Batignolles, 75017 

#2: L’Appartement (2eme) 
Current Google review average: 4.0 stars 
The original!

Pros: It’s also very big. I feel like it’s the most charming? There are mosaics on the floor. The shoe space is slightly private. Like Le Grand Appartement, they have a huge selection, and the Conciergerie next door gets a lot of solid returns. The location is pretty central — it’s right next to the Ace Hotel, which has a not-very-expensive and reasonably good café if you’re into that sort of scene. Open on Monday!

Cons: Lines, lines, always a line.

1 rue Saint Fiacre, 75002

#3: L’Appartement (4eme)
Current Google review average: 4.6(!) stars
The newest one!

Pros: Finally Sézane comes to the Marais, the city’s biggest shopping district. It’s just a few minutes walk from BHV (my other favorite department store) or rue Vieille du Temple, the main retail street. Open Sunday!

Cons: When I originally wrote this post, I had this in fourth place, but after spending more time in it, I decided to move it up — there’s a nice little alcove where you can look at the jewelry line in peace (more or less), and similarly the sweater selection is out of the fray a bit (along with the bags and swimwear, season dependent.) But the staff is so rude. Not all of them, obviously, but noticeably ruder than the other locations. I haven’t spent enough time there to know for sure, but I’m guessing there’s a relationship here to the shoppers — I went in three or four times over the course of a week (I couldn’t decide on a pair of earrings), and honestly I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much English spoken in a store. (In France.) Anglophone shoppers, crankier staff. Given the lack of a Conciergerie, this is in third place by a mile — totally fine if the others are geographically inconvenient, but not the top experience.

33 rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004

#4: Le Bon Marché (7eme)
Current Google review average: 3.0 stars
A dark horse.

Pros: This is a reasonably sized concession within Le Bon Marché, my favorite department store in Paris — it makes a good one-two-three trip with City Pharma, a short walk away. Never a line! And biggest bonus of all, because it’s at LBM, it’s open on Sundays, unlike some of the regular Sézane shops. (The Marais shop is also open on Sundays.) Note: The Sézane website says this is closed on Monday, which I absolutely do not believe, but I’m mentioning it here just in case I’m wrong and their site is right. There are lots of other great, non-Sézane fashion lines, and Le Bon Marché carries loads of them.

Cons: They carry a fraction of the full line. If you’re looking for the full Sézane experience, this isn’t it.

24 rue de Sèvres, 75007

#5: L’Appartement (7eme)
Current Google review average: 3.0 stars
A little shop quite near Le Bon Marché on rue du Bac.

Pros: I don’t know — maybe you’re in the 7th but don’t feel like going inside Le Bon Marché? You were just in Le Bon Marché but they didn’t have something specific you were looking for? Fewer/shorter lines, which is a plus.

Cons: I found this shop a little disappointing — most of what I saw were essential pieces, and less of the flashy seasonal stuff.

122 rue du Bac, 75007

#6: L’Appartement (16eme)
Current Google review average: 3.2 stars
There’s literally no reason to go here unless you live next door. It’s just too small.

25 rue de l’Annonciation, 75016

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