7 Picks from Maje’s Summer 2023 Sale

maje pink dress

I think of Maje as a meeting point between Sandro (a little primmer/properer) and Zadig & Voltaire (a little more rock ‘n’ roll.) I don’t like everything (like this — what is happening here?), but every once in a while I’ll get something I love here, like my favorite winter coat — not cheap but made to last.

Prices are deeply changeable: These reflect a 20% off for the Fourth of July, so who knows how long that will last. FYI the dress above is not on sale, but it’s here if you’re interested.

maje sequined jumpsuit

I am hesitant to call this, as Maje does, a “playsuit,” but I guess it’s better than when they were called rompers. Wow, those cowboy boots. Sequined playsuit, was $415, now $199

maje boucle coat

As a past Maje coat-buyer, I love this coat, though note it’s made from a “wooly fabric” (78% wool, 22% polyamide). Maje single-breasted coat, was $645, now $361

maje pink coat

A (pink) variation on a theme. This one is 67% wool, 33% viscose. Maje pink coat, was $715, now $400

maje wool trench

Another (mostly) wool coat, now in that familiar trench cut. I like this coat very much but I do not understand why all of these are styled with cowboy boots!! Maje wool trench, was $795, now $381

I’m not a big pants person but I love this color + cut. 4% elastane, so there’s a little bit of stretch. Maje trousers, was $325, now $155

maje tweed shorts

I also love these, even if they strike me as extremely Emily in Paris. Maje tweed shorts, was $295, now $141

maje blouse

That is just extremely pretty. Maje lace blouse, was $325, now $182

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