The Best from Maje’s Friends and Family 25% Off Sale

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Maje just announced it’s 25% off Friends & Family sale — and these are the best picks from it.

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maje friends and family sale picks

1. Obsessed!! What would you wear this to? A goth ball? A five-star hotel on Halloween night? I love this. I would buy this now and hold on to it until the right event present itself, because it’s unstoppable. Those shoes FTR are a monstrosity, speaking of Halloween. Maje long sequined dress, was $565, with discount $423.75

2. Sometimes you just want to look like an Olympics-caliber skater going to her prom, am I right?? Why are those same shoes back?? I have only questions, and no answers. Maje short sequined dress, was $445, with discount $338.25

3. This is like the epitome of Maje to me: sexy dresses that would make sense at a magazine party in 2005 SoHo. Vintage but vintage in the sense that none of this was that long ago. Maje openwork knit dress, was $345, now $258.75

I’m a sucker for a jacquard sweater. Says Maje: “For this latest collection, the Maje girl uses classic British items with a retro touch.” Wear it to Gstaad! Maje jacquard sweater, was $385, with discount $258.75

5. French denim is not like American denim — which is not to say you can’t get close either way (French brands doing US styles and vice versa), but this to me is representative of French jeans: slightly tailored, slightly formal, definitely not getting cut into jean shorts. Maje double pocket jeans with flare, was $295, with discount $221.25

6. I’ve had a Maje coat for years, and it’s held up beautifully under terrible conditions. (Basically, the condition of living with me. I spill! Whatever!) This has a tightly defined waist for such a voluminous coat, and bonus, it’s double-sided, with a puffer jacket vibe on the reverse. Maje reversible coat, was $715, with discount $536.25

7. A variation on the skater dress above, but in a silvery velvet. Check out that incredibly deep V-neck. Maje sequinned velvet dress, was $535, with discount $401.25

8. Everyone should have a super chunky gold chain that they can dress up or down — I feel like they should pass this out along with diamonds or oranges or snowflakes when people get a spot on a Real Housewives franchise. This one is (slightly) distinguished in that it mixes oblong and circular shapes. Maje link necklace, was $190, with discount $142.50

9. This dress is actually my top pick of everything, and not for nothing but they styled it with the necklace above. It does look a little like a very tailored towel, but if you have a warm-weather destination coming up, this is perf. Maje short draped dress, was $385, with discount $288.75

10. Note that this bodysuit has a fascinating cut in on the hip. Maje openwork knit bodysuit, was $195, with discount $146.25

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