Camille Rowe: Elements of Style

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I have loved Camille Rowe ever since seeing her in this video for Vogue:

Of course, she’s now better known as Harry Style’s ex — and the girl who provided the voicemail for “Cherry” (Camille + Harry = ). You might also remember her from her Victoria’ Secret Angels appearance, or kissing Robert Pattinson in that Dior ad.

Unlike Jeanne Damas, who’s doing a sort of perpetual Provencal weekend away thing, Camille Rowe’s is definitely model off-duty, with all the super-fitted T-shirts, perfectly tailored jeans, overalls, and party shoes that might suggest: half Paris, half L.A., which might make sense since her mom is American.

Here, we break her look down into a few essential buys:

– super-fuzzy coats
– Levi’s 501s
– vintage band tees
– vintage other tees
– slouchy sweaters
– Birkenstocks!
– and the most party-ready of all party shoes

camille rowe

Girl never saw a fuzzy coat she didn’t like — whether this giant blue shag rug, below, the white cloud she’s wearing above or the mimosa/coat below that.

camille rowe

And look how cute that shoulder bag is — this is the Chanel bag I want it to be.

camille rowe

Source for the coat below: Sézane.

camille rowe

#1A: Here’s another take on jackets: slim and rock ‘n’ roll girlfriend-style.

The jacket above is from Mango.

camille rowe leather jacket

And then, two more options for outerwear:

Source: ASH

Finally: Who doesn’t love a jean jacket?

So these aren’t the slimmest of slim jeans, but still, the proportions are clear: voluminous top, slim bottom.

Another take:

Note here we have very skinny jeans, cut to well above the ankle, and black loafers. And of course that’s just a cardigan worn as a top.

Note the latest version of the vintage band tee. Camille is really, really, really good at wearing great T-SHIRTS (#3). We have this one here, the Paul Simon tee under the mammoth yellow fuzzy coat, the vintage band tee under the bizarre denim jacket, and a couple more message tees:

camille rowe paul simon t-shirt

Talk about staying on brand:

I also want that sofa. And here’s another one:

And here’s one last one:

Let’s move on, to OVERALLS (#4). Here’s one option, in a seemingly impossible-to-wear pair in cherry red:

Note how narrow the bib is, which makes these a lot less farmer/more fashion.

Now, note her denim — often lighter than average, often a slim (not skinny, not boot or flared) cut, and then mid- or high-waisted (#5) — no super slouchy waistlines here. What a beautiful tuck on this top, right? Also note the delicate jewelry and the three-quarter sleeves on the super-delicate blouse.

And a couple final notes.

There’s just so much happening here:

This is one way to wear a striped sweater:

Another great white blouse with three-quarter-length sleeves:


This hat? IDK?

camille rowe hat

Birkenstocks, yay!

And finally, the ultimate party shoes. (And the ultimate picture.)

Follow up: Follow Camille Rowe on Instagram. Here’s a great interview with her and Marie Claire on fashion. Here’s where to shop for a French Girl wardrobe

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