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taylor swift on stage in lyon

Taylor Swift in Lyon: Trip Report!

Taylor Swift in Lyon was amazing. If you can go to one of the remaining ERAS tour dates — go!! Undoubtedly one of the best musical experiences of my life. I bought my ticket last summer for a ridiculous €140. Do I regret not buying a ticket for a friend? I do. I got the message to hop online and scoop up my ticket at 9 AM Paris time, and just couldn’t get anyone back home on the phone to give me the thumbs up (and Venmo me the cash), so I only bought a single ticket. Who cares, honestly, as a travel writer I’ve done a zillion amazing things on my own (or next to other travel writers) and it’s fine. Because I was going straight from school to the show, I had to pack extremely light — this is everything that made it into my bag except for two prescription drugs, which I stowed in my pocket. I have traveled light before, but this is exceptional. As it turned out there were plenty of bagages …

top cities to visit in france

Top Cities to Visit in France — That Aren’t Paris

The list of the top cities to visit in France that aren’t Paris begins with Lille and goes all the way south to Nice: Mon dieu, there’s a lot of France that isn’t Paris! Paris can be cold (both climatologically and interpersonally), it’s expensive, the weather’s terrible — yes, it’s beautiful, but so is Lyon! And Lyon’s cheaper, friendlier, and both sunnier and snowier!