The Amélie Home Decorating Shopping List

a still from the film amelie

I don’t want an apartment like Amélie’s because it looks like the inside of, like, a kidney. (Too much red/velvet/beaded.) But of course there are bits and pieces I would love to live with. These are the six home purchases I would make, all inspired by Amélie.

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michael sowa

1. Michael Sowa art. Well, maybe not Michael Sowa, since that often costs thousands and thousands of euros — but art by someone whose work I love. Like Kayleigh Radcliffe!

amelie clock

2. A vintage alarm clock. (This is mine.)

amelie decanter

3. A vintage decanter. (I sell these.)

amelie bathroom

4. A slip, obviously. My French underthings retailer of choice is Princesse Tam-Tam, which won’t ship to the US except through a courier service (confusing!); you can occasionally find it at smarter lingerie shops.

5. A vintage medicine cabinet (also above). There are a ton on Etsy; this is the one I’m selling.

6. That striped white, red, and blue dish! It’s a pretty common pattern here — to find them on Etsy/eBay, I use the search terms “ironstone plates creil and montereau,” the manufacturer.

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