How to Be Super Sexy in Denim (Starring Caroline de Maigret)

caroline de maigret posing on the sidewalk

So in putting together our 20 favorite Caroline de Maigret looks, we realized that no one in this world may be better than the French model and author at looking sexy in jeans. She may be a model/muse for Chanel, but Caroline de Maigret jeans is its own, exceptionally stylish thing.

Credit where credit is due! TBH, I happen to love this fashion decision: What’s more comfortable than jeans? Well, leggings, or shorts, or sweatpants, in that order of ascending comfort. But jeans are still pretty comfy, and if you’ve gotta wear a shirt, I say go with denim up there as well: It might be the ultimate expression of American (also: everyone else) style.

Some style notes that we picked up:

– If you’re going to do double denim, go for it, but be sure to have lots of contrast in the denim shades — you’ll see everything here from the palest baby blue to a super-dark cornflower.
– Tweed blazer over jeans? Is there anything more classic?
– Oof, that denim jumpsuit! It’s hard to believe that anything off the rack could fit so well, but if you can find one that works, it looks like a uniform for Sexy Future Farmers of America. Love.
Finally, this really has me rethinking a decision, made very long ago, not to invest in a thin-thin, super-soft chambray shirt.

I’ll just briefly add that it’s not a French line, but no one’s making cuter denim rn than Bella Dahl (see here for proof). (Those frayed hem shorts!!) The last time I got on stage I was very happy to be wearing a Bella Dahl top. There really not be any easier-to-wear shirt in the world.

Below, six superior examples of Caroline de Maigret looking exceedingly sexy in denim.

caroline de maigret jeans

Those are some extremely low-rise jeans, non?

caroline de maigret jeans

caroline de maigret double jeans

caroline de maigret


cdm 3 double denim

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