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a view of the eiffel tower from a paris apartment

The First Trip: A Four Day Paris Itinerary

Bienvenue à Paris!(!!!). This is your four-day Paris itinerary, de luxe. Paris is one of the world’s best destinations. It is also one of its busiest, and while definitely not one of its biggest, it can be the most overwhelming. Like, it’s Paris!! How can you possibly decide what to see and what not to see? If you want to just skip to the recs for our four-day Paris itinerary, go here: Day 1: Arrival + Louvre + crepes + more Day 2: Batobus + Eiffel Tower + Le Perchoir + more Day 3: Versailles (or Giverny) + BigLove + more Day 4: Vanves + Montmartre + more And let’s make reservations at: Breizh (not necessarily except for peak times), Septime (100% necessary), BigLove (do it) and Boite aux Lettres (probably not necessary mais pourquoi pas?) The first time I came to Paris, I came for three days, the second time for two days (both because I was living in London, not because I owned a private jet and could travel hither-thither as I liked.) …

best art museums in paris orangerie

The Best Art Museums in Paris: A Walking Tour With Map

These are the best art museums in Paris. (Not including the Pompidou, the Jacquemart-André, and all the others.) What’s great about them: They’re remarkably close together, making for a walking tour that will offer, without a doubt, the greatest day’s worth of art history in one tidy package. Of course, the better thing to do would be to spread these four visits out to four days — or even better, four weeks/years. But an exceptionally ambitious visitor could see all the best art museums in Paris in a single day (er, not Monday or Tuesday, given the various closing days) if desired. Here’s your map — and below it, brief descriptions about four legitimately magical places.