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How to Afford Traveling Full Time

When I tell people that I travel 10 months of the year and live in Paris, they think I’m rich. I’m not rich. Or they ask me how I can afford it. And honestly, not always in the nicest way. This is the crazy thing to me: Nobody ever asked how I could afford it when I was living in New York City, spending a small fortune on my apartment, and buying the sort of wardrobe I needed to work at a fashion magazine (read: $$$$).

beauty is a wound

Beauty Is a Wound – Our Indonesia Book

I am reading a book from every country in the world. This book is intense!(!!) (Jason Mendoza voice). Buy it here, if you like.  The last book I read was Austria: Some Girls, Some Hats, and Hitler by Trudi Kanter.  THE BOOK: Beauty Is a Wound, by Ewa Kurniawan IN SHORT: This is the bananas recount of the life (and afterlife) of the beautiful Dewi Ayu, daughter of a Dutch man and his Indonesian “concubine”/woman forced into sexual slavery; her four daughters; and the men who rape them. It is also a scabrous retelling of the creation of modern Indonesia, and the millions dead in its wake.