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desert scrubland at kelso dunes in california

Kelso Dunes: Please Enjoy My Terror

Here’s the thing: I’m a good hiker. I like to hike! But I do not like danger. I do not like danger at all. I do not even like the slightest perception of danger. Maybe this is because I often hike alone? Maybe this is also because I am a scaredy cat. This is not an insult. You say “Scaredy cat,” I hear “Prudent evaluator of perilous situations.”

joshua tree at sunset

Joshua Tree: The Five Things I Loved Most

Last weekend, I spent 72 hours in Joshua Tree — not enough, obviously, but a good taste of a beautiful place. These are the five things I loved best, including a video tour that I made myself and is basically broadcast quality.  1. Joshua Tree National Park: Sunset Obviously: This was my whole reason for coming out. It is beautiful and amazing. I chose my Airbnb (see below) based on proximity to the park. A few things: