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best french movies on netflix

The Best French Movies on Netflix (2020)

The best French movies on Netflix include, happily, some of the best French movies ever. This list certainly isn’t exhaustive in terms of masterpieces by French directors — there’s not enough room here to list all the classics of French cinema that aren’t available on Netflix. That said, our favorite streaming service does offer many exceptional French films — and these are the best shows and movies among them.

Blue Is the Warmest Color – France

  As part of working on my book, I’ve been re-watching a few of my favorite movies about love: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Weekend (the U.K. one, not the French one), and Before Sunset, among them. The one I love most is Blue Is the Warmest Color. I am writing about it today because I realized I wanted to officially declare it my movie of France. I won’t summarize the plot beyond its most basic points: Two women fall in love. Complications ensue. I loved it when I first saw it, because I thought it was remarkably clear-eyed about a certain kind of love. I believe that with love, although we have a spectrum of choices, most relationships of some duration fall into one of two categories: relationships of convenience and true, crazy, harrowing love. This film, obviously, is about the latter.