7 Perfectly Minimalist Earrings From My Favorite French Jewelry Maker

stone earrings wrapped in gold

Minimalist jewelry is so tricky if you’re looking for something sleek ‘n’ chic but not utterly without interest. Paris-based designer Raphaël Schaltegger walks that line expertly with his Goutte de Terre brand, which mixes super-smooth Limoges porcelain with gold and other organic details. These are the best minimalist earrings on Etsy, as far as I can tell.

Schaltegger has a gallery and shop in the 11th but also sells his work online, which is all to the good. The prices are reasonable enough — my favorite piece below, the Seine earrings, are about $50 — and utilitarian enough that they could withstand the transition from day to night, classroom to office, or whatever big move might be on your agenda.

If you like these but they’re not quite right, check out their Instagram, which has new pieces not yet online.

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1. Kisale Earrings

minimalist earrings etsy

BUY IT HERE:  “Kisale” earrings, $50

That’s a very particular green, but if it works for you, it looks great with gold.

2. Seine Earrings

minimalist earrings

BUY IT HERE:  “Seine” earrings, $50

These are so extremely élégante that I included them in our list of the 12 best French-made presents from allll of Etsy. Fact: I didn’t look through all 300 pages of search results, but these earn my vote for the very best minimalist earrings on Etsy (all of it!!). Those are also Seines at the very top, in a slightly different color.

3. Tukituki Earrings

BUY IT HERE:  “Tukituki” earrings, $147

This is the most expensive piece on this list and I’m not totally sure that I like these $100 more than the Seines, above — but I *do* love that deep-green color of porcelain.

4. Dyle Earrings

dyle minimalist earrings

BUY IT HERE:  “Dyle” earrings, $97

If you’re not into the whole geometric trend, you can skip these, but I love it.

5. Mira Earrings

mira earrings

BUY IT HERE:  “Mira” earrings, $53

Another super simple, super clean option.

6. Bodva Earrings

bodva earrings

BUY IT HERE:  “Bodva” earrings, $53

You could wear these earrings with literally anything Everlane has ever made.

7. Kivu Earrings

minimalist earrings etsy

BUY IT HERE:  “Kivu” earrings, $75

These are the right earrings for when you get invited to a gallery opening and want to wear earrings that are cool but not, like, overly cool.

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