How to Get to the $75 Free Shipping Threshold on French Pharmacy With 5 Nuxe Products

I wanted to put together a post advising how to spend $75 at French Pharmacy (the threshold for free shipping), since they have an excellent range of French brands and for some reason everything there seems to be 20% off in perpetuity.  Then I realized I could there just with products with Nuxe, which is probably my favorite skin-adjacent French product line. I like Violette better for cosmetics, and Caudalie and other brands better for proper skincare, but Nuxe makes these killer products that don’t easily slot into my existing beauty plan. A shimmering body oil? Why not! “Very Pink” micellar water? I totally don’t need it but I absolutely love it! That is Nuxe in a nuxe-shell (I just lol’d.) In that case: Here’s how to spend $75 (free shipping) on Nuxe products (which you might love, even if though don’t qualify as must-haves.) That entire paragraph reminds me of when I waitressed at an Italian restaurant after college, when I told the owner (Stefanie!!) that I only recommended this one dish from the menu, because it was my favorite, and it was literally $10 cheaper than anything else, and she was like, You are the worst waitress I have ever had, but you have a great attitude. Affiliate links below, as usual, and see below for some new news from the blog. As much as I love the products below (and I do), if you get one thing, it has to be this — especially if, like me, you have skin that looks sallow in the winter. It’s instant brightness without going full-on tanner. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or, $32
I bought this for my niece, who’s obsessed with pink, and ended up stealing it from her so often that I finally just bought my own. I use it as a wipe-up post-cleanser, pre-moisturizer, and it is, as she would say, extremely aesthetic. Nuxe Very Rose Hydrating Micellar Water, $24
I feel like there’s a vibe with American exfoliators that if you aren’t literally dragging your face across a 120-grit sandpaper that you aren’t trying hard enough — where as with the French versions, they’re much gentler. (A good thing.) This is a “micro-exfoliator” doing its work with AHA and fruit acids; just don’t skip the sunscreen if you use it. Nuxe Very Rose Radiance Peeling Lotion, $22.90
  Two big benefits with this shampoo bar: 1) it really is much easier traveling with a shampoo bar versus liquid shampoo. 2) it’s super gentle, which sometimes your hair really needs. I’ve actually moved from washing infrequently (2X per week, per my hair stylist’s suggestion) to washing more (3-4X per week) but with super-gentle shampoos. Ugh, bodies are so much work! Anyway: Nuxe shampoo bar, totally recommend, and also #3! Shampoo bars have much less plastic packaging than shampoo bottles and this is only a good thing! Nuxe shampoo bar, $12
This is definitely a love it or hate it situation, but I happen to love it: This is a light “fragrance water” in Rêve de Miel that I think of as a mix between an Evian spray and a proper perfume, but I give it many, many layers of credit for lasting longer than you’d think, given how light it is, and also making me feel like I’m on a vacation in Tahiti, which is priceless. (Read: It’s very sweet. (According to them: “An ambery floral fragrance that feels both warm and sweet.”)) (This costs $34.)

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