The 7 Best 2021 Wall Art Calendars on Etsy

a selection of calendars from etsy

There may be 20,000+ search results — but I’m pretty confident that among these six picks is the single best wall art calendar on Etsy.

I turned to Etsy when my usual calendar-providing suspects — Paper Source, Rifle Paper — came up empty. Some requirements for my new calendar: I wanted a wall calendar, not a desk calendar, and ideally, I wanted something bound (either with, like, staples or ring-binding) — not the sort of thing where you have to use a fancy binder clip to put it on your wall. I also avoided printable calendars (I make one(!!) but just didn’t want anything DIY for this), and I skipped single-page, full-year-on-one-sheet calendars,

I didn’t go through all 22,000 results(!!!!!) in my search for the best wall art calendar on Etsy, but I did find a half-dozen I loved. These obviously reflect my general interests — National Parks, trees, travel, etc. — but you can find literally anything you want, including: a virus calendar, a pastry calendar, a “2021 Nude Art Calendar.”

1. Architecture Calendar

BUY IT HERE:  Architecture calendar, $39

I know I literally just said I didn’t want a calendar held together with a binder clip — I guess at least this calendar of architectural illustrations comes with one.

2. Hand-Sewn Calendar

BUY IT HERE:  Hand-sewn calendar, $65

This is about four times as much as I wanted to spend, but this might be the very best wall art calendar on Etsy (all of it). Each art print is double-perforated and can be detached, from the calendar itself and from the monthly grid, to be saved and shown off separately. The same designer makes a moon phases calendar, too.

3. Watercolor Botanical Calendar

BUY IT HERE:  Watercolor botanical calendar, $29.50

Another binder-clip situation (argh), but I love the way that the illustrations are shown at maximal size, and how the color palette gets cooler and warmer with the seasons.

4. Botanical Illustrations Calendar

best wall art calendar etsy

BUY IT HERE: Botanical illustrations calendar, $23.50

I love that the monthly grid is hand-drawn, just like the botanical illustrations. The same designer makes a terrazzo-pattern calendar, if that’s your thing.

5. National Park Calendar

best wall art calendar etsy

BUY IT HERE: National Park calendar, $32

There are a zillion National Park-themed wall art calendars on Etsy, but this is one of the ones I like the best, thanks to all its rich, saturated colors.

6. Field & Forest Calendar

BUY IT HERE: Field & Forest calendar, $30

I love the color palette for this “Field & Forest” calendar, like the icy blue of January and the pretty pink of April.

7. Streetscapes Calendar

BUY IT HERE: Streetscapes calendar, $32

A lovely gift for a travel, this calendar has gouache illustrations of streetscapes from the Jordaan in Amsterdam to New York’s SoHo (and London, San Francisco, and more.)

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