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street facade of hotel emile in paris

What’s the Best Way to Travel from London to Paris? An Investigation

Now, for those who prefer listening to reading, you can listen to me read this article aloud! Just click below or download or whatever.  It’s a truly pressing question: What’s the best way to travel from London to Paris? I’ll tell you what is not the best way to travel from London to Paris: driving (unless you need to), cycling (unless you want to) or taking a nine-hour bus. Which pretty much leaves you with Eurostar, or flying. Paris and London are just over 300 miles/several worlds/one time zone apart. It’s an incredibly quick flight — if you don’t add in all the travel to and from the airport(s) and the rigamarole getting through security. It’s also an incredibly efficient train trip — but often unbelievably expensive (closing in on $500 if you don’t buy in advance). Each method has big-time pros and cons. This summer, I had the opportunity to fly to London from Paris, and then return by train — which made it easier than ever to compare the two services, which are …