Supergoop Sunscreen Review

supergoop sunscreen review

Here’s our Supergoop sunscreen review — specifically, the SuperPower Sunscreen Mousse Broad Spectrum SPF 50. In short: Don’t leave home without it. (Sometimes I do, but I try not to.) 

What they say: “A lightweight, whipped, antioxidant-rich mousse with SPF 50 protection.”

Our grade: A

The Supergoop sunscreen review: Sunscreens are tricky, right? Not gonna lie: I have trouble getting into the habit of wearing one. This is primarily because — well, primarily because I don’t want to. But the secondary reason was because I couldn’t find one that didn’t make me break out. Then came Supergoop.

I don’t think which sunscreen we wear is as important as wearing one at all — these aren’t rando glitter primers but actual “drugs,” regulated by the Food & Drug Administration, so they should all be effective in performing their main job of blocking the sun’s radiation from reaching your precious skin. (That’s why there’s a “Drug Facts” panel on the back, listing the active ingredients.) So one is like the other is like the other. Unless it makes you break out. Supergoop doesn’t. This has been true for me even despite the inclusion of coconut oil, which qualifies as a famous clogger of pores.

This one is officially a body sunscreen, but I use it on my face as well, and I’ve never broken out. It’s free of everything you’d want it to be free of (including parabens, synthetic fragrances, and oxybenzone). Despite the lack of synthetic fragrances, it smells terrific — like watermelon? And I personally love the mousse better than the lotion. It’s just fun, and I end up using a little more than I would otherwise — which all things being equal is probably exactly what my face needs. The only bummer is that you can’t decant a mousse into a smaller container for travel, and this comes in a 7.1-ounce bottle — too big to take on the plane.

Buy it again? Always. Though it’s frequently sold out. Note: Usually I’m happy to buy from Amazon, but keep an eye on it if you do; there are a lot of complaints about getting product about to expire.

Further Reading: This was a really interesting discussion of whether or not this qualifies as truly “broad spectrum.”

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