Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil Review

Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil

Here’s our Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil Review review. In short: Can’t live without it. At least as a body oil. 

What they say: “A head-to-toe hydrator that doubles as a perfume.”

Our grade: A

Most explicative Sephora comment headline: “Nice for body, not for hair”

The Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil Review: Is there anything that smells as nice as this body oil? OK, so, officially this is a hair oil as well, though it was useless for me — my hair doesn’t love an oil, especially in the summer, so I’m just going to skip that particular functionality.

But as a body oil — this is intensely perfect. The scent is light and sweet — not too powdery, as some roses can be. It doesn’t last forever, but it lasts for a while — a couple hours, according to my investigations — and that’s just going to have to be enough. Officially the oils involved include rose hip, shea, and absinthium. TBH it could be corn oil in there and I still wouldn’t care if it smelled like this.

Here’s my best use case: I put some on my arm, and then drove to the mall. On the way to the mall, I had my arm resting on the open window sill (is it called a sill in a car? you know what I mean), where it got hot from the sun. The smell of this oil, amplified by the heat, was maybe my favorite smell I’ve ever smelled.

It’s perfect. Well, it’s not perfect. $32 for three ounces is an annoying amount of money. And I didn’t find it particularly moisturizing or illuminating; it was maybe “briefly shiny” for a minute or two before it sank into the skin. But if we consider it primarily as a fragrance — which I do — it’s pretty f-ing cheap ounce for ounce, and it achieves the true goal of perfumes: to make it seem like you’re not wearing perfume. You are just an amazing-smelling human being. 

Buy it again? Always.

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