The 28 Cheapest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris (2024)

michelin paris under 50 euros

If you’re coming to Paris, you might as well eat some fancy meals. The grand authority on such matters is Michelin, which every year awards the world’s best restaurants with between one and three stars. Three stars of course represent the best of the best and have prices to match: Lunch at Guy Savoy, for example, will run you €250. (Add a wine and Champagne pairing and it’ll be €320.) A special night — New Year’s Eve, for example — can top $1000.

So — what to do? It is possible to eat a Michelin-certified meal on a budget, if not precisely cheaply — just come for the set menu at lunch. Below, you’ll find 26 Michelin-starred restaurants offering a set lunch for under €70. When I started collecting these Michelin bargains (relatively speaking) five years ago, there were nearly 20 offering lunch for under €50 — some restaurants have upped their prices by 40%(!) since then. Eat quick, or they might raise the prices mid-meal.

1. Accents Table Bourse

accents table bourse

Cost: €65 (four courses)
Michelin says: “The dishes of chef Romain Mahi are a combination of classic fare, more daring creations and subtle experiments with roasted and smoked flavours”
Sample dish:
Wild boar with a crepe stuffed with giblets
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Great dining experience”
Neighborhood: 75016

2. Anona

anona restaurantCost: €65 (three courses)
Sample dish: Val d’Oise portobello mushroom, wild mushrooms, and Perigord truffle
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “An acid twist with textures”
Instagram: @anonarestaurant
Neighborhood: 75017

3. L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – Étoile

michelin restaurants under 50 euros paris joelCost: €49 (four courses)
Michelin says: “The Robuchon brand represents a contemporary approach to fine dining”
Sample dish: Le Thon, la ventrèche confite sur un cœur de laitue garni de fins légumes croquants
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Tasty.. good except for one”
Instagram: @joel.robuchon
Neighborhood: 75008

4. Auberge Nicolas Flamel

auberge nicolas flamelCost: €68 (two courses)
Michelin says: “Dishes that are perfectly balanced, delicately flavoured, intelligently composed and free of superfluous frills”
Sample dish:
Savory pie with mallard, foie gras, and truffle
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Lovely French cuisine with impeccable service”
Instagram: @auberge_nicolasflamel
Neighborhood: 75003

5. Restaurant Auguste

dish at restaurant augusteCost: €45 (three courses)
Michelin says: “A chic and ‘classy’ space where you can enjoy judiciously modern cuisine”
Sample dish: Chicken and cockscomb with morels
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Disappointing visit”
Instagram: @gael.orieux
Neighborhood: 75007

6. Automne

automne parisCost: €60 (five courses, if we count the amuse bouche and the mignardises)
What Michelin says: “Unbeatable value for money”
Sample dish: Roast duck breast with purée of parsley roots and kalamata olives
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “DESERVES ANOTHER STAR”
Instagram: @restaurant_automne
Neighborhood: 75011

7. Baieta

baietaCost: €60 (three courses)
What Michelin says: “The colorful and fragrant cuisine is an ode to the Mediterranean”
Sample dish: Roast pigeon with chard and jalapenôs, and a jus de volaille reduction
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Superb modern Mediterranean food”
Instagram: @baieta_restaurant
Neighborhood: 75005

8. Benoit

michelin restaurants under 50 euros paris benoitCost: €42 (three courses)
Michelin says: “Proudly and heartily traditional, the recipes feature country produce that is expertly and generously cooked.”
Sample dish: Sauté de veau Marengo coquillettes
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review:History and personal service with okay food
Instagram: @benoitparis_restaurant
Neighborhood: 75004

9. Contraste

contrast parisCost: €55 (three courses)
Michelin says: “This is a place where you can savor up-to-date, flavorsome cuisine based on the finest seasonal produce.”
Sample dish: Cod with salsify (oyster plant) and licorice root
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “A delicious contrast between Breton and Catalan cuisines without pretention”
Instagram: @restaurant.contraste
Neighborhood: 75008

10. Fleur de Pavé

fleur de pave Cost: €59 (four courses)
Michelin says: “Rather than bowl us over with flashy technique, the chef seeks to lay the emphasis squarely on flavors”
Sample dish: Slow-cooked cod with cabbage and Yamashita spinach
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Disappointing”
Instagram: @restaurantfleurdepave
Neighborhood: 75002

11. Jacques Faussat

jacques faussatCost: €60 (three courses)
Michelin says: “Flavorsome cuisine made with intelligently crafted produce in a bid to nurture the flavors and aromas.”
Sample dish: Flambéed pigeon from Gers
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Food, Ambiance, Service, Value–Well Done!”
Instagram: @restaurantjacquesfaussat
Neighborhood: 75017

12. L’Arcane

l'arcane restaurantCost: €65 (three courses)
Michelin says: “The time spent here over a meal, whether in the form of a surprise menu or à la carte, is always time well spent.”
Sample dish: Roasted scallops with black garlic confit and cream of parsley
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Beautiful dinner”
Instagram: @restaurantlarcane
Neighborhood: 75018

13. La Condesa

la condesa paris

Cost: €65 (three courses)
Michelin says: “Although his techniques are French, [the chef’s] culinary inspiration comes from many different cultures, including Mexico.”
Sample dish: Curried cod
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Perfection.”
Neighborhood: 75009

14. L’Escarbille

Cost: €51 (three courses)
Michelin says: “The ingredient-led cuisine is flawlessly cooked and precisely seasoned.”
Sample dish: Turbot with caramelized endives and a lemongrass emulsion
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “A great lunch!”
Instagram: None
Neighborhood: Meudon

15. La Scène Thélème 

michelin restaurants under 50 euros paris scene theleme

Cost: €68
Michelin says: “Japanese chef Yoshitaka Takayanagi and his team deliver subtle, delicate dishes with plenty of personality”
Sample dish: Carré de porcelet rôti au sautoir à la feuille de cigare
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: Amazing Food
Instagram: @lascenetheleme
Neighborhood: 75017

16. Le Faham

le faham

Cost: €54 (two courses)
Michelin says: “Here the chef proposes a cuisine that abounds in vibrancy and delicacy, spicy but always subtle”
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Boring!”
Instagram: @lefaham
Neighborhood: 75017

17. Le Quincangrogne

le quincangrogneCost: €55 (three courses)
Michelin says: “Fine and precise combinations of flavours, meticulous and well-crafted visuals”
Sample dish: Aubetin Farm pork with roasted rhubarb and a vanilla-onion soubise
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Excellent Sunday lunch”
Instagram: @le_quincangrogne
Neighborhood: Dampmart

18. Le Sergent Recruteur

le sergent recruteurCost: €52 (three courses)
Michelin says: “The subtle dishes abound with well-defined flavors – you can sense the solid classical foundations – and linger in the memory on account of their sense of harmony.”
Sample dish: Roasted lamb grilled with beech wood, with an apple millefeuille soufflé
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Phenomenal experience”
Instagram: @lesergentrecruteurparis
Neighborhood: 75004

19. Le Violon d’Ingres

le violon d'ingresCost: €65 (three courses)
Michelin says: “At this luxury neo-brasserie, the duo of Alain Solivérès and Jimmy Tsaramanana celebrate the South-West of France with impressive technical skill.”
Sample dish: Free-range quail “in toadstool,” with cabbage
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Great experience”
Instagram: @violondingres_paris
Neighborhood: 75007

20. Louis

restaurant louisCost: €51 (three courses)
Michelin says: “The food is inventive, spontaneous and attentive to market availability and seasonality.”
Sample dish: Carabineros shrimp on cacao nibs with hazelnut buter
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Horrible service”
Instagram: @louis_paris9
Neighborhood: 75009

21. Nomicos

nomicosCost: €64 (three courses)
Michelin says: “For this bard of gastronomic tradition, who was born near Marseille and grew up in a world where bouillabaisse is king, culinary arts and techniques are first and foremost about the senses.”
Sample dish: Grilled lobster with chestnut and rosemary honey, alongside artichoke hearts
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “It is not only the food that was mediocre”
Instagram: @restaurant.nomicos
Neighborhood: 75016

22. Ochre

restaurant ochre Cost: €65 (three courses)
Michelin says: “This is vibrant, joyful and technically flawless cuisine”
Sample dish: Beef cheeks (“like a bourguignon”) with pommes soufflées
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Great choice”
Instagram: @ochre_par_baptisterenouard
Neighborhood: Rueil-Malmaison

23. Oxte

restaurant oxteCost: €65 (three courses)
Michelin says: “This pleasant and cosy little restaurant serves delicious, contemporary Mexican-influenced cuisine.”
Sample dish: Red mullet with smoked beef tartare, on a beetroot coulis
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “A Mexico inspired gem”
Instagram: @restaurantoxte
Neighborhood: 75017

24. Pantagruel


Cost: €65 (three courses)
Michelin says: “[The chef] worked with a fashion designer to create this understated gourmet cocoon, both bourgeois and romantic.”
Sample dish: Scallop with sweetbread, celery, and buckwheat
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Perfect for a special occasion”
Instagram: @restaurant.pantagruel
Neighborhood: 75002

25. Pierre Gagnaire

pierre gagnaireCost: €65 (three courses)
Michelin says: “Pierre Gagnaire continues to finetune France’s culinary scene with his adventurous, wholehearted and excessive signature cuisine.”
Sample dish: Crab à la Nantaise, shredded cod, and wild leaves from the coasts of Le Croisic
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “We need more than three stars”
Instagram: @restaurantpierregagnaire
Neighborhood: 75008

26. Substance

substance paris Cost: €65 (three courses)
Michelin says: “Matthias Marc serves a set menu that favours short supply chains and sticks close to the seasons.”
Sample dish: Gnocchi with Morteau sausage and a scallop in yellow wine
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Exquisite”
Instagram: @substance_paris
Neighborhood: 75016

27. Villa9Trois

villa9troisCost: €69 (four courses)
Michelin says: “An oasis of greenery in Paris’s urbanised suburbs.”
Sample dish: Blue Breton lobster in a sauce mafé
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “BEST EXPERIENCE”
Instagram: @villa9trois
Neighborhood: Montreuil

28. Yoshinori

yoshinoriCost: €68 (four courses)
Michelin says: “This place is a rare gem among the usual eateries.”
Sample dish: Hay-smoked amberjack with fermented rhubarb, avocado sorrel, and a cucumber vinaigrette with marigold oil
Headline of most recent TripAdvisor review: “Worst Michelin star ever – long wait between courses, no airconditioning and poor service recovery”
Instagram: @yoshinorirestaurant
Neighborhood: 75006

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