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Women of Science Have All the Answers

Maybe you let your subscription to Audible lapse? Or you’re all out of downloads for the month? (TBH this happens to me a lot.) May I suggest: this audio recording of me valiantly reading aloud my story Women of Science Have All the Answers, and I say “valiantly” because I’d just bitten my lip something major. Also, please enjoy the fact that I literally cannot pronounce an “an” sound, either in words like “hand,” “man,” “pan,” or, most tragically, my own name.

I wrote this story an incredibly long time ago, something that will be clear from:

– the Oprah references
– discussion of “crack smokers”
– “calling a car service,” which at least I was able to update to “calling a cab,” which in any case is sounding very 2013
– many other bizarro ideas

Download it here.