Tom Ford Shimmering Body Oil Review

Tom Ford shimmering body oil review

Here’s our Tom Ford shimmering body oil review. In short: What a waste. 

What they say: “A shimmering body that oil captures the sultry effect of sunkissed summer skin and tempts the senses with a fragrance of scorching sensuality.”

Our grade: F

Most explicative Sephora comment headline: “This is literally oil and glitter.”

The Tom Ford Shimmering Body Oil Review: This is a ridiculous product.

Here’s the thing. I love Soleil Blanc. So I was excited to see this shimmering body oil in my absolute favorite Tom Ford scent. However. However! For one thing, I’m not convinced that this is offers a faithful reproduction of that smell, which is basically summer. This smelled to me like the inside of the heart of a sentient jelly bean. It smelled weird, and much too sweet.

Moreover. Moreover! This is extremely glittery — trop de glitter, if you’re feeling me. I’m going to say it had twice as much glitter, per drop of oil, as the product this reminded me of: Nuxe’s dry oil Huile Prodigieuse, which is a superior product in every way — including its iconic and nearly identical packaging. Nuxe’s body oil has a reasonable amount of glimmer — not a ridiculous amount, like this. Nuxe’s body oil smells amazing. And Nuxe’s body oil gives you a warm, summery glow. It makes you look like you just walked off the beach, rather than off the set of a music video in which you played the role of a glitter monster.

And then: the price. The price! I’m saying everything twice because I found this product outrageous in basically every way — and in no way more outrageously than the price, which was absurd. This body oil should be sold for $6.99 at a discount beauty supply store — and definitely not for $100(!!!!!!!!) at your local luxury retailer. Nuxe is a bargain at under $30.

Is the actual worst thing about this product that it barely lasts — that the scent is gone in under 40 minutes, and the shimmer de-shimmered soon after?

Extreme sad face.

Buy it again? Never.

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