Dear Nicholas, 

Today was the most exciting day because I got to interview the famous world-traveling dog, Savannah!

I know you would like Savannah for many reasons but also because she is, like your Uncle Dave, a very big Eagles fan.

We started our journey to the interview at the airport hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, which was very glamorous and had exciting television channels including TV1SVERIGE and TV2SVERIGE and TV3SVERIGE.

Next we took a ferry that was definitely worth the 105€ cost for 45 minutes of sailing time. Do you know what the word “extortionate” means? It means that people can charge you whatever they want, sometimes.

This is me crossing the Baltic Sea!

We saw many beautiful things as we made our way to meet Savannah. But of course, the most beautiful was Savannah herself!


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And now, our interview! 

Dear Savannah, you have traveled many thousands of miles around the world. What place has been your favorite?

Savannah: My favorite must have been Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. I was still just a puppy, and I got to play with all these other dogs for two whole weeks. That was a paradise for me. That was my best time. Well, either that, or I would say, Ecuador and Colombia, because it was really cool, and I do like the cool weather.

Where are you from? Did you like it there?

Savannah: I am from Austin, where I lived with my cousin Banjo. Unfortunately, I could not go outside very much because of the parvovirus. I tore up the house a little bit.

Do you miss anything about America?

Savannah: I miss my grandfather very much! He spoils me with gravy and nice meals every night. Unfortunately, now I am just back to dry food. When we arrived in Copenhagen, I was only offered dry food, and I decided not to eat it, especially after six months of gravy.

Do you anticipate any trouble going to Africa?

Savannah: Africa will be easier to get into than Europe! The nicer countries for some reason make things difficult. When we walked into Peru, no one even acknowledged us!

What are you most looking forward to?

Savannah: In Croatia, there will be cousins and hotel rooms! And my grandparents will be there, so I also expect gravy.


Dear Nicholas, it’s Stanley here again. I think you might like to follow Savannah as she goes around the world — you can see more about her here!




Friday, March 29

Dear Nicholas, 

I am very happy to welcome you to France! France is a nation on the continent of Europe with cheese, wine, and Communists. The favorite word of the French people is “non,” which means “never, go away.”

We did many exciting things in France when we were not sitting on the phone with insurance companies.

We visited the happening Montmartre restaurant Bouillon Pigalle. We kept it classy at lunch (unlike everybody else) by sticking with water and boeuf Bourguignon.

We did other exciting things, like refill our contact lens supply! Here is the important thing to know, that even in the world’s most glamorous cities, people still need to do their laundry and go to the post office and buy contact lenses.

Luckily, we did have some time to upgrade our style at the famous French department store Le Bon Marché. Do you think we should invest in a watch?

Or maybe these Miu Miu shoes?

I made time to stop by the Christian Dior to give them some ideas for my views on the future of fashion. I expect they will be incorporated into upcoming collections.

We had a minute to see some art but frankly it was a little scary.

And then, just as it was time to leave, the sun came out and Paris was beautiful again! A bientot!



Sunday, March 17


Dear Nicholas,

I would be very happy to welcome you to Bali! Bali is one of many thousands of islands in the nation of Indonesia. It has lovely beaches and many Australians. It is also home to people who like to say things like “I’m just really enjoying your energy” instead of other things, like “Hello.” Some people also hug a bit too aggressively here, which I think you should know in case you ever decide to visit, just so you can be sure that you keep a bit of space around them. They likely mean well. But still they should not be hugged.

Bali is wonderful in all ways except for the monkeys, who are terrible, and the people who hug too insistently.

Bali is home to people who practice the religion of Balinese Hinduism. It is a very beautiful religion and interwoven into many aspects of everyday life. You will often see small offerings left on the ground to satisfy the spirits. I am sure that when you visit you will appreciate the rich spiritual life here, even if it is not exactly like yours at home.

Many people visiting Bali like to eat “spirulina balls” and “raw goji power balls” but I do not recommend it as they are disgusting. However, after being here for several weeks I have also given up eating packaged, sugary goods, if only because they are difficult to find. I know that you prefer tortillas, and I think you may have to bring them from Tucson so you have something delicious to eat here, unless you really, really, really, really like salads and juices.

This flamingo was an unexpected guest at my swimming pool today.



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