Hotel Review: Hotel G in Singapore

A review of Hotel G in Singapore: 

I paid: $100 a night

Hotel G location: Within walking distance of the National Museum and with easy access by bus/Uber/MRT (Bencoolen) to literally everywhere in Singapore.

Hotel G vibe: Industrial-chic co-working space with tiny bedrooms

Hotel G food: I got takeaway from the ground-level 25 Degrees, which offers the rare hamburger and French fries I did not enjoy. I didn’t go to the hotel’s other restaurant or bar, but I absolutely did feel underdressed when I walked through them on the way to the sidewalk. They were properly buzzing — I wish I’d made time.

Hotel G amenities: There’s a gym I neither saw nor used. No pool. Free, unexceptional wifi. Use of a phone that included free calls to the US, which I used more than I thought I would—the reception was great, considerably better than what I would have gotten on Skype or a $.20-a-minute Project Fi call. The TV had HBO and all the international news channels.

The room: This is a itty-bitty little cubicle of a room! Usually I don’t mind a small space, but frankly I was a little claustrophobic, which is a rare occurrence. The bed was comfortable enough for one person. There’s a reason the table at the hotel entrance (above) was usually packed — it’s because the rooms are so small.

Value for money? If this hotel was in Bali it wouldn’t even be a hotel, because it would go out of business. The night before my Hotel G trip, I’d stayed at the Alaya in Ubud, for the exact same price, only with a humungous room, jungle-view balcony, two pools — I could go on. Even in France, €100 gets you a room at the Citizen M at CDG, which is modern and well-appointed. In Singapore, I guess it’s a fair price. Next time I’m in Singapore, I’d probably work harder to find an Airbnb, even if it meant relying more on the MRT.

Would I stay again? If I couldn’t get anything cheaper at a better place. Singapore is expensive.

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