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I’m reading the world’s best self-help books. Who doesn’t want to figure out how to be smarter, fitter, and just all-around better? I’m reading both new books like Matthew Hussey’s Get the Guy (a five-star review if ever there was one) and forever-classic like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people.


Get the Guy: A Review

My Get the Guy review:  Matthew Hussey’s book “Get the Guy” changed my life. Sounds like an exaggeration, right? It’s not. Nothing — nothing — has done more to change my perspective on dating, relationships and love more than this book, which I initially listened to on Audible while driving to my family vacation in Maryland. What he had to say was so important to me that it took me an extra hour to get there, because I kept stopping in random parking lots to take notes. My Get the Guy review? Get it.