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Margaret Yapp Just Released This Beautiful Book of Poetry And We Should All Buy It

I have two favorite Midwestern writers: One is the Wisconsin-born Thornton Wilder, who is dead, but whose The Bridge of San Luis Rey you should read immediately. The other is the Iowa City poet and artist Margaret Yapp, who has quite wonderfully just released her debut book of poetry, Green for Luck. Here’s some more info about it, as well as a calendar of her upcoming readings — if you’re in one of the cities she’ll be visiting, do not hesitate to attend. Margaret is the best poetry reader, and I swear it will be time well spent. I was just at one of her readings on Friday, and almost started surreptitiously recording it on my phone, it was that good, before deciding that surreptitiously recording anything on a phone is creepy. I am so happy to know Margaret – who, as I say below, is the coolest person I know in all of Iowa (and likely many of the surrounding states as well). I am also extremely delighted that she took time out of her launch week to …