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This Week’s Free Map: A Wine Country Sampler

This week’s free maps are actually three free maps: Sonoma, Napa, and Santa Rosa, three of the cities in Wine Country.

I went to art school in S.F. a few years after 9/11 but close enough to remember what it felt like when it seemed like the place where you lived might one day not be there. Maybe it’s ironic that the Bay Area felt to me so permanent and substantial (see: earthquakes). What I do know is that when I was there, I felt safe. And also that it was very possibly the most beautiful place ever.

If you like these three maps, all you need to do is download them (here’s Napa, Santa Rosa, and Sonoma) and print them on nice paper, and they’re frame-worthy, if I do say so.

(If you’re coming here without having subscribed, you can still do so! A free map every week! Plus some cool other things going on in the world:

And then. I usually sell these for $5 (the downloads), which gives these a value, all told, of about $15. If you like them, why not give some money to Rebuild Wine Country, which is working in partnership with Habitat for Humanity to help people rebuild their homes?

I’m just going to mention here that these maps in WINE Country just happen to be in WINE colors (rosé, chardonnay (ish), and merlot (ish)).