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French Cooking for Total Idiots: Vin Chaud

I know Christmas is officially over, but I don’t care: I love vin chaud, and it is the only way I will be drinking wine until rosé season. (And TBH, I’m a little blasé about rosé, if you know what I mean.) In fact, vin chaud is the only kind of wine I like. If I must have wine, I prefer it hot, loaded with cinnamon and oranges, and ideally served while the snow falls. Which is why, today, I’m presenting my favorite vin chaud recipe — which is to say, the easiest out there.

The only thing that comes close: hot chocolate with whiskey. I seriously only like hot winter drinks when they have alcohol in them. And I really only like alcohol in the guise of a hot winter drink.

This is my recipe. I don’t have a lot of recipes, but this one is time-tested, and if I can make it, a literal idiot can make it.

How to Make Vin Chaud 
Take a bottle of red wine. Who cares which one? I get the next-to-the-cheapest one I can find, because I’m cheap, and my first glass of red wine came out of a hose coming from a basement, but I’m not that cheap. At least in France, I look in the €5-7 range at Franprix.

I pour this into the same pot I use to make spaghetti.

Then I add:

5 T. granulated sugar
5 cinnamon sticks
5 whole cloves
3 cardamom pods
A dollop of honey

Make it just about simmer. Then let it sit for 5 minutes. Add orange garnish. Serve!

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